Aron Lindberg

Associate Professor, Information Systems, Stevens Institute of Technology

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About Me

I am an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the School of Business, Stevens Institute of Technology. I study how digital innovation is influenced by crowds and artificial intelligence, using both qualitative and computational methods. My research has been published in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, and Journal of the Association for Information Systems.


My research program consists of three intertwined streams: 1) crowd-based digital innovation, 2) AI-based digital innovation, and 3) abductive mixed-methods for studying digital innovation.

The types of crowds that I study include, for example, open source software, Wikipedia, and online ideation contests. My research on crowd-based digital innovation has largely focused on understanding processes of various kinds: emergent routines, evolutionary trajectories of artifacts, or the flow of requirements through distributed development processes.

My research on AI-based digital innovation has mainly been conducted in the context of semiconductor chip design as well as procedural generation of virtual worlds for video games. This research also focuses on process but finds that the use of AI-based tools changes digital innovation processes in unconventional ways, rendering the experience of innovators and designers emergent, ambiguous and multifarious.

In my research I combine qualitative and computational methods, an approach that I have also described in a recent publication to make it easier for other scholars to generate theory through integrating diverse methods.